July Moon Productions is a production company founded by Selena Gomez.


In October 2008, Gomez launched her own production company, July Moon Productions, and partnered with XYZ Films to create star vehicles for Gomez. As part of the agreement Gomez will have the opportunity to option articles, hire writers and create talent packages to shop to studios. Also, as part of the deal, XYZ Films will allow Gomez to star in and produce at least two films. Variety reported that In August, XYZ Films inked a similar deal with Time Inc. and management-production company the Collective to finance the development of the print media giant's content for the bigscreen As part of the July Moon-XYZ deal, Selena Gomez will have the ability to cherry-pick projects from the vast Time Inc. library, which includes Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Life.


  • It is speculated that this production company is called July Moon Productions because Selena Gomez was born in July and her name, Selena, means Moon in Greek.
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